Canvas Paintings: Modern Wall Art

Canvas art paintings create a dramatic effect in your home decor as a wall art. Wall art is the latest trend in home decor and one of the most popular ways of decorating your barren walls or pale walls  is by hanging well designed canvas paintings. Not only you display your own artistic talent, you can also  bring your living space to life using these paintings.  Canvas painting, also known as canvas art, is the result of an image painted onto canvas which is stretched or wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas paints are used in interior design. The home decor market is also flooded with a whole range of canvas art paintings of various designs, colors and sizes that you can find any wall art to suit any decor and budget.  Painting any design on canvas is an activity limited only by the artist’s imagination and the size of the canvas. With lots of designs options, with oil colors that blend, twist and turn, you can give a wonderful enhancement to your home decor using canvas paintings.


Canvas Painting

Canvas Prints

Instead of oil painting where the images are painted using oil colors in canvas, there are canvas prints commercially available. High-street retailers and home-improvement stores, such as Ikea, sell larger than life canvas prints to be used in home decoration or in hotels and resorts. Canvas prints are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork .

Styles of Canvas Paintings

  • Abstract Painting
  • Modern Painting
  • Animals & Birds
  • Floral and Botanical
  • Tropical and Coastal
  • Cuisine
  • Figurative
  • Nature & Organic
  • Black and White Photography
  • Color Photography
  • Still Life
  • Vintage
  • Landscape Canvas
  • Sunset Canvas
  • Pop Art Canvas
  • Country, Rustic and Western etc.

Advantages of Canvas Paintings

Contemporary canvas paintings have a lot of advantages over other types of paintings for home decoration.

  • They are comparatively less expensive.
  • They are durable.
  • They are wonderful ways of displaying your artistic sense.
  • They offer a series of different colors, forms, themes and styles all in one category so there is something for everyone, regardless of your personal sense of style or taste. You can choose a vibrant canvas that has lots of color showing  patterns or flowers for example, or you can choose a modern minimalist sketch of your favorite landscape art. Both of these options and everything in between the two fit into this particular wall art style.
  • You can contribute to your space with an image that does not clash with existing decor.
  •  Canvas Paintings  art tend to be colorful and draws all eyes to it automatically.

Canvas Paint Designs









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