Decorations with Christmas Stockings

Stockings are important decorations used in Christmas time. Christmas stocking is actually a beautifully decorated empty sock that children hang on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can fill it with toys, candies, chocolates, coins or other small gifts when Santa Claus arrives. These small items are often referred to as stocking fillers. This practice is commonly observed in USA and some other parts of the world. The fact remains that there is no such identity as Santa Clause and that it is the parents or the guardians of the kids, who fill these socks with gifts. However, Christmas stockings have been a tradition.

Stockings Styles for Christmas

Stockings are an essential part of Christmas decorations. Use stockings of various colors, fabrics, prints and styles to decorate yur home. If your home is contemporary styled, you should go for velvet stockings. It’s a very popular stocking material as it has a luscious appeal that would perfectly match glittery Christmas trees and other decorations. Many parents also love this stocking material simply because kids love the feel of velvet cloth. If you prefer a countryside appeal for your homes, then you ought to go for felt monogrammed stockings. Felt has a ‘cozier’ appeal and it can be decorated with a variety of designs. Felt is a more useful stocking material as compared to velvet and because of its rustic feel, you can match it with actual pine Christmas trees. You can also use handmade Christmas Stockings. Having homemade Christmas stockings adds to the charm of receiving a Christmas gift.  Soft wool is the best for making homemade stockings for Christmas. Knitted stockings are also very popular. A few popular Christmas Stocking Patterns include cartoon characters, Santa Claus, reindeer, Snowflakes, angels, snowman, etc. You can personalize your stockings with plenty of beads, stars, ribbons, and more. You could opt for a monogrammed Christmas stocking that can be unique and elaborate as the traditional socks for Santa. Embellish hand-knit stockings with snowflakes, a tree, or a reindeer motif.

How to Decorate your home with Christmas Stockings?

Mix it up when it comes to choosing stockings. Different patterns and solids will work together on a mantle if they’re united by a common color theme. Same goes with the adornments you choose for the top of the mantle.



Beautifully decorated handmade stockings are a delight. Keep a few pairs of knitted socks on the sofa couch.

You can place well decorated stockings on the fireplace mantel. This gives a unique look to the home decor.

You can decorate the staircase in your room with Christmas stockings. This looks beautiful and gives an enhanced look of the stairway.
What about hanging stockings on the walls of your living room or any other room? If you don’t have a fireplace mantel or a staircase, you can use colorful stockings to highlight your empty walls.

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