Christmas Tree Decorations

An essential part of celebrations on Christmas is the Christmas tree decoration. Decorating a Christmas tree is not only just a family tradition but also an art form. Decorating a Christmas tree to make it look the best requires some talent, consultation and planning, and a good eye for design. To decorate a holiday tree that really stands out from the rest, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should be aware of the fact that a well designed holiday tree may not be a pandemonium of colors, but must follow a specified color theme. Make sure the color of your tree as part of your color scheme, too. For example, a white tree is a good backdrop for almost every color of the decorations, while a green tree is slightly more limited. If you use a traditional green tree, you should start with your color scheme as the primary green hue.

  • Decide on the overall color scheme that you would like to use on your Christmas tree. It could be all green, red and gold, red and white, pink and white, or any other color combination that you like. The color scheme you select for your Christmas tree should compliment the color scheme of the room your tree is placed. Consider using some of the non traditional designer ornament colors available like peacock blue, plum, bronze, sage green, and navy, to give your Christmas tree an updated designer look.
  • Get the  Christmas tree ornaments and accessories like feathers, florals, ribbon, garland, beads, and any other designer items that are in your color scheme. Make sure the ornaments and other trimmings are of large sizes. Multi-pack Christmas ornaments work great because they are usually less expensive. You can go for different styles of multi-pack ornaments so not all the ornaments look exactly alike. Get brilliant lights, dazzling ornaments, and treasured family mementos to decorate your Christmas Tree.
  • Before starting with the decorations with the ornaments, you should put your Christmas lights on your tree. Use either clear or white light. Make sure you put the lights on evenly around your Christmas tree, both towards the trunk and the outside of the tree.

Some Design Ideas


Red & White Christmas Tree


Natural Christmas Tree with Artificial Snow Flakes


Christmas Tree with Colorful Balls



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