French Style Furniture

French furniture is the perfect way to turn your home into a beautiful sanctuary that you have always wished for. When it comes to elegance and class, nothing says it quite like French furniture. The intricately and gorgeously detailed furniture makes an eye-catching delight for many years to come. There’s something about the French style that makes it highly desirable, no matter what your taste is. Whether it is for the living room or the bed room, more and more people are opting for french style of furniture for their royal look and appearance. No doubt they are expensive but nevertheless, people are willing to spend as the french furniture is a lifetime investment. It never goes out of style. There is no doubt that there is a timeless quality to French furniture that makes it an ideal furniture style in decorating modern homes.



What exactly is the French Style of Furniture?

Although the term French furniture is a general term that embodies myriad styles of French-style furniture, it’s also largely accepted as a style that means elegant, classically designed and beautiful furnishings. Whenever you add French furniture to your bedroom or living room, you’ll be adding an attractive, appealing flair to the room. This type of funtiure has intricate carvings and ornate designs beautifully carved on high quality wood. Whether you are talking about the living room sofa or couch or the bed, chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a dressing table in the bedroom or all of the above, French furniture has an unique style and appearance that distinguish it from other styles of furniture. The lavish designs provide a sense of grandeur and luxury truly distinctive to the French style.

French Country Style Furniture: Reproduction French Furniture

While the authentic french furniture becomes out of reach for some, you can opt for custom designed, reproduction french furniture. The color & warmth of the beautiful handmade reproduction furniture & decorative accessories enhance the comfort & harmony that are essence of home. Taken heavily from French design philosophy, manufacturers are producing French collection directly from original antique French furniture. They are handmade and intricately carved by artisans using traditional methods for that touch of authenticity. The reproduction French furniture hand painted or polished and lightly distressed to give a subtly aged, timelessly elegant appearance.

Types of French Furniture

For the classiest of French bedrooms, you could opt for a French bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers, cheval mirror and console table. The icing on the cake might just be a blanket box and a screen. French decor is sophisticated and catchy hence, if applied in the living room, can create magic for the area. Focal Point in designs in french decor is all very neat and simple. The layouts of French living rooms are typically very symmetrical and structured. This focal point can be created by anything like  armoires, sofas, fireplace, archways or large plants. Luxurious look is an essential part of french decor hence luxury drapes from rich fabric is generally used.

Styles of French Furniture

French style furniture is hand painted solid wood furniture with multiple edge moldings, hand forged hardware, hand carved decorations, iron studs, oversized latches, wrought iron accents and copper inlays. The furniture is painted or crafted with artistic motifs seen around French countryside like scroll, roosters, medallions, olive, flowers, fruits etc. French country style armoire is an essential design element for a French country look. Traditional French country fabric toile, meaning linen cloth, is used for curtains, sofas, bedding, table linen etc. Toile fabric is available in different themes. Traditionally it is printed with a theme that tells a story. It has white or creme background with large motifs printed in contrast color. Motifs include country scenes, animals, french patterns, or flowers. It is also available in plaids, stripes or solids. This traditional fabric gives authentic French country style look to the room.

Whatever style of French furniture you end up choosing, your room will be changed into a safe haven of rest and relaxation after you have finished the decoration and furnishing process. French furniture adds an appealing sense of style to the room, one that you can be sure will always be in fashion. The classic and beautiful design of French furniture is the perfect style for home decoration.

French Furniture Designs







French Kitchen Furniture

French Kitchen Furniture

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