Christmas Wreaths Decoration Ideas

Give your home a makeover this Christmas season with one of these Christmas door and wall decorating ideas. Festive and colorful, these decorative wreaths are the perfect way to welcome guests into your home and make your home more attractive, colorful and vibrant. For more ideas on christmas decorations, check out

 Christmas Wreaths Decoration Ideas

This radiant wreath shows your true colors — and all it takes is a few boxes of glass colorful balss. Choose bright hues and a variety of sizes and attach with floral wire.



With its warm glow and golden accents, this intricate artificial but lifelike wreath captures the bounty of the holiday season. This is made of a mix of dense evergreens including pine, cedar, fir and spruce. Hang indoor or outdoor.


Decorative Christmas Wreath with Dried Natural Products

 Cute white polar bear hangs on this Christmas wreath. The wreath is topped off with red berries, red cardinal birds, and pine cones. Makes a darling holiday display.

Polar Christmas Wreath

Polar Christmas Wreath

Add pepperberries to a vine wreath form for a decorative accent that spreads holiday cheer in or outdoors.

pepberry wreath

Fill your home with the sweet smell of bay laurel (or rosemary) with this easy-to-make wreath

fragrant wreath

fragrant wreath

Hang a festive ring of mistletoe and inspire passion as well as good cheer.

mistletoe wreath

mistletoe wreath

Cheery Red Wreath

Classic ornaments in a variety of sizes are used to create a festive and bright front door wreath. Gold ribbon provides the perfect contrast to the shiny red glass balls.

Cherry Red Wreath

Cherry Red Wreath

Get crafty with a paper wreath. This design uses old sheet music and pages from a dictionary to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas wreath.



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