Jacuzzi Baths Styles

 Jacuzzi baths, also referred as Whirlpool baths, are useful bathroom accessories used in modern bathrooms. Such baths combine water or air jets with a bath to provide a massage system, which becomes very essential after a hard day’s work, to ease soar and aching muscles. Now who does not enjoy a long soak in hot bath? So nowadays, in most modern homes today, you find whirlpool baths in place of a standard bath.They have become a popular addition in a bathroom. The addition of a Jacuzzi can spruce up your home’s décor and also at the same time increase bath and relaxation time pleasure.

jacuzzi hot bath

jacuzzi hot bath

 Types of Jacuzzis

  • Jacuzzi whirlpool tub: This style has Jacuzzi jets that force both air and water through pressure jets installed into the bathtub. It is useful for stimulating, deep-tissue massage. Select a tub with spacious bathing wells and multiple jet placements to maximize your Jacuzzi experience.
  • Air bath whirlpool: This has hydrotherapy benefits produced by an airflow system that blows air through the water. It creates soothing and gentle currents, more sedating than jetted bath massages.
  • Jacuzzi water heater models: This is a  combined versions of both Jacuzzi whirlpool and air bath whirlpool tubs.
  • Jacuzzi steam shower tub: It has the same muscle-relaxing benefits of a regular Jacuzzi, but with the added benefit of a caressing stream of steaming water, pulsating through an attached steam shower head.
  • Space-saving Jacuzzi shower – instead of a bathtub.

Shapes of Jacuzzi Baths

Styles of tubs include the corner Jacuzzi tub, and inground pool and Jacuzzi models. They are found in shapes like round, oval, hexagon, rectangle, square, kidney, and standard bathtub shapes.

Type of Material

A standard bath comes in different material finishes ranging from wood to enamelled steel. This can can be noisy and prone to chipping. A majority of whirlpool baths will use an acrylic finish. Acrylic is often the preferred material due to its numerous benefits and reasonable pricing when compared to other materials.

Buying Guide for Jacuzzi Hot Bath

  • Installation location: The most important consideration when deciding the design and bath styling is where it will be installed. This will quickly provide the maximum size of the bath in both dimensions. The installation location may also impose requirements on the shape of the bath as well as its overall sizing.
  • Bath Size: Go for a normal size bath so that a child as well as an adult can use it. A child may comfortably fit into a small bath now but will this be the case in 5 years time. Your bath size also depends on the capacity of your hot water tank.
  • Water Management  
  • Frame & Cabinetry
  • Cabinets & Surrounds
  • Power and Controls        

Points to take care of before you buy

 Site Preparation

? Do not place your spa within 10 feet of overhead power lines.

? Make sure access to the spa’s equipment panel is not blocked.

? Be certain that your installation will meet all city and local safety codes.

? Place the spa on an elevated foundation so that the water drains away from it.

? If you install indoors, pay close attention to flooring. Remember, a spa filled with water can cause moisture


? A spa filled with water is heavy. If you are installing on an elevated structure, it is recommended that you consult a

contractor or structural engineer.

? There is a 4″ minimum depth requirement for a concrete pad. It is strongly recommended that a qualified, licensed

contractor prepare the foundation.

? Your surface must be level and straight.

 Pathway Preparation

No matter where you install your hot tub, be sure to allow for service access.

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