Floor Cushions

Add style with floor pillows

Floor cushions or Floor Pillows are a great way to expand your seating options and at the same time add an attractive look to your room. Floor pillows are one of the most in demand kinds of decorative pillows today in modern homes. They are increasingly becoming a popular household decorative item. Stuffed with top quality feather and foam inserts, they are comfortable seating arrangements. For small apartments, floor cushions are a better option than bulky furniture. The extra floor sitting in your living room or your bedroom is just perfect for family and friend gatherings. They are also useful for kids to watch TV or to play on. These cushions are a great way to spread and add comfort to any area.



Styles of Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, fabrics , colors and prints. Many different varieties of materials like denim, cotton, suede, and polyester are used for making these pillows. They also come in many different kinds of styles and patterns. With so many style options available, you can easily find one that match your room’s decor. Some floor pillows are available with added accessories like buttons, tassels, quilting, sequins, and fringe or embroidery. Some also prefer matching floor mats with these cushions so as to give a complete look. To get the best look, take a look at the area where you want to put the cushions and what shapes or sizes would be best. If you want to make your room really stand out, just add a bunch of floor pillows of various colors. If you can keep on changing the floor cushion covers time to time, you can give a newlook to your room every time. Floor cushions are wonderful for lounging around. Most of them come with fabric handles which make them easy to move, too.

Buying Tips

You should make sure your Floor Cushion meets the following:

  • Great Extra Casual Floor Seating.
  • Made of Durable Material.
  • Strong Stitching
  • Pillows have full zippers or Buttons
  • Easily Cleanable

 Floor Cushions Design Ideas


Floor cushion in the study room


Floor Cushion in the Living Room

modern floor cushions

modern floor cushions

Stacking Floor Cushions

Stacking Floor Cushions


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