Octopus Shaped Chandeliers

It has been seen off late that the shape of an octopus has taken up by many interior designers to produce a wide range of decorative items. One such popular octupus shaped home decor item is the modern artistic chandelier. Beautifully designed octopus shaped chandeliers have adorn modern homes lately. Made of varied types of metal like wrought iron, brass, copper, these octopus chandeliers are just beautiful and stylish. Designed by famous Adam Wallacavage, these chandeliers are given various finishes and colors. To make these beautiful lights the designer uses traditional plaster techniques and hand paints all of them to give the natural touch.

modern octopus chandelier

The shape of the octopus in these chandeliers  has taken various forms like as  an octopus with arms swept by the sea movements, or an octopus at rest, and another one showing octopus displaying its prey. While the main theme remains the same, there are varied designs available in these octopus shaped chandeliers. There are several ways in which these octopus shaped chandeliers could steal your living room attraction . With additional features like sea-themed wallpapers and decorations., your living room look all the more attractive and at the same time unique as lights and wall paper are increasingly becoming one of the main components in any interior design ideas.

Check out some Designs Here

Modern Octopus Chandelier

pink hand painted chandelier




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