Vastu Tips on Diwali

Diwali, one of the most awaited festival of the Hindus, is just round the corner. As per the Hindu calendar, Diwali marks the beginning of New Year where you get rid of old things and make way for new opportunities. It is the time to spruce up your home, remove the clutter, clean every nook and corner of your house and if possible just repaint your home. It is believed that Lakshmi, the goddess of luck and prosperity, visits only clean and well-lit homes during Diwali.

vastu and diwali

vastu and diwali

Vastu Tips 

Here are a few Vastu suggestions to help make your life better this Diwali and after.

  • Declutter : First of all, de-clutter your home. Throw away all those unwanted, unused things in your home like as old magazines, clothes, broken furniture, crockery or children’s toys. This is a symbol of making way for new things to enter.
  • Laxmi Ganesha Image : Place an image of Lakshmi and Ganesh on the front door. This enhances positive energy and removes negativity.
  • Rangolis : Making rangolis at the entrance is a part of diwali decorations. To make it more auspicious, use coloured powder mixed with rock salt, to invite Ma Lakshmi.
  • Laxmi Foot Prints : You can also make small footprints symbolizing the goddess Laxmi’s entry into your home. Use a mixture of rice flour and vermilion to make the small footprints.
  • Torans : It is also said that toran fixed on the main door brings good luck. Make a garland with marigold flowers and mango leaves and tie it to the frame of the main door. This represents nature’s abundance and attracts good luck.
  • Moving 27  things : According to Vastu and even Feng Shui, moving 27 things in your home works wonder. So on Diwali, you can try to move 27 things in your home and see what changes it brings to your life. Well, dont think that changing 27 things is a big burden. A small positioning change of say the salt and pepper bottles or the flower plants is enough. So this is not a very big task. Watch how fortune invades your life by doing these simple changes.
  • Spray Salty Water: Mix salt, preferably rock salt, in water and spray this salted water in each and every corner of your home on regular basis, especially around the time of Diwali. It is believed that salt absorbs all the negativity from air, purifies the environment. You may perform this remedy twice a week. Don’t forget to wash you hands after spraying the water.
  • Light Up Your House: Keep your house well lit on Diwali. This includes the dark corners of yourhouse as well. Also see that the Diwali diya is kept lit all the night.

Vastu Tips to Improve Finances in Diwali

  • In Vastu shastra, north direction is known as Kuberasthana. This position bestows wealth and power. This is considered to be the best place to keep the safe box. In order to maintain wealth that you can place a statue of Lakshmi in the safe with your valuables.
  • To improve your financial condition more, to increase wealth, place a representation of Lakshmi in the north together with a few coins.
  • Place a water fountain in the North, East or South-east direction. Fresh water is symbol of good health.
  • Refill your normal sugar reserves in the kitchen to ensure sweet days ahead.
  • Place a cascade of water outside your front door, preferably on the right-hand side of the door.
  • The coins and notes that you use during diwali laxmi pooja must be kept in a red pouch tied with golden strings after use. They are considered to be symbols of blessings from Lakshmi and bearers of good luck throughout the year.

Recharge Money Inflow:

Take a metal bowl , silver or copper or steel bowl. Fill it with water. Then put one silver coin with pictures of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ in this bowl. Place the bowl in the North or East window of the house. See that it receives maximum exposure of the light. If there is no window in these directions then you can place a mirror on North wall and place the bowl near it. After keeping this water bowl in North take three coins, wrap them up in red silken cloth or a pouch and stick them next to the water bowl. Keep this bowl with the coin pouch for five days from November 01 to 05, 2013. On November 05, 2013 evening, take all these four coins and place them together in same red pouch. These are Energized Coins and keep them at your locker until next Diwali. Do not forget to pour the bowl water in any potted plant only inside the house, not outside the house. This will charge up the North Zone Energy and will lead to increase in money inflow.

Relevant Vastu Tips on Diwali for Specific Directions

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, you can try the following to achieve specific results:

  • East: Keep a water feature. This will help to start new projects.
  • South: Hang pictures that inspire you to achieve more.
  • Southeast: A bowl of fresh water on top of a 100 rupee note. This helps in bringing business’s prosperity.
  • Southwest: Take a clay pot and fill with yellow flowers. This will increase savings.
  • West: Place a piggy bank to enhance your energy to work and make money.
  • North: To improve cash flow , hang a crystal ball.
  • Northwest: Keep your bank/investment papers in this sector.

Some Other Tips

  • Chalk out your financial goals for the year on Diwali.
  • According to Vaastu, you write down your wealth aspirations.
  • Another Vastu tip is to take three coins, wrap them up in red cloth, and place them next to a water bowl in the north. This area must be kept always clean.
  • Focus on your goals regularly, and the wealth gods shall surely smile on you this Diwali.

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