Diwali Home Decoration

The most awaited festival of the Hindus, DIWALI,  is just round the corner. Diwali is the time to decorate your home to give it a festive look. This is the festival of lights where in people worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh for peace, prosperity and happiness. It is said in Hindu mythology that Goddess Laxmi visit those houses which are clean, free of clutter and well lighted. Thus on diwali, every home brightens up with diyas, lights and flowers and many other Diwali decorations.  Every one tries to beautify every nook & corner of their homes during diwali.

Now that there are just few more days  left for diwali (this year 2011, diwali is on 26th Oct ),  it is the right time to spruce up your home.  One of the first thing that you can start off is by painting your home to give a new and fresh look. But then that depends to a great extent on whether your house needs a repainting or not , plus this is time consuming and also expensive.



It is very essential to clear off all the clutters in your home.  Anything that is of no value , no use should be discarded. You might have your old music system lying in the store room and you don’t want to part with it even though it is not repairable. It is no point keeping such stuff at home when it is of no use. Just sell it to a junk dealer. Keeping unwanted stuff at home also creates negative energy as per feng shui.  So the first thing when you start preparing for diwali celebrations is to discard clutters. Clean every nook and corner of your home.

Check your home furnishings. If you feel that they require a makeover, then go for it. Changing the curtains, cushion covers, bed covers can also bring about a major change in your house.  Do you have old sarees which you don’t wear but in good condition? Then you can use them to make curtains, cushions, wall hangings etc. This will give a very traditional look to your home. Well, lights play a vital role in Diwali. So get those pendant lights, beautiful table lamps, floor lights to brighten up you home.

On Diwali day, as a part of celebrations and decorations, there are few things that everyone prefers to use to decorate their homes: Rangolis, Diyas, Candles, Flowers, Diwali Torans, Garlands

light your homes

Rangolis are an essential part of diwali decorations. Earthen lamps, handmade clay diyas are available in many different colors and shapes to suit the color of the house. Instead of diyas, well designed Diwali lamps and candles are also used to brighten the house. Put colorful lights at the entrance and outside the house.  Shimmering wall and door hangings in all different colors, or floral garlands would add a zing to the walls.  Flower decoration in house makes your home fragrant and beautiful.  As Diwali is the festival of lights so remember to light up each and every nook and corner of your home, even the store room and kitchen. So place beautiful candles here too.  Attach string light with garland to add beauty to your home decoration. Put flowers  like rose, crysenthimum, marigold in glass bowl filled with water and place it at dining table or living room table.  You can also use floating candles to create a beautiful centerpiece.

Check out below some Diwali Home Decoration Ideas



Brighten up your home

Rangoli Home Decor

Rangoli at the Entrance

floating diyas with rose petals

floating diyas with rose petals

decorating with diyas



Table Centerpiece with Candles

Table Centerpiece with Candles

entrance decoration

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