Shelf Brackets: Hold your items and add a style

Add a decorative touch to your shelves or other wall-mounted items with shelf brackets. Shelf brackets have been in use from a very long time not only as a functional piece of item to hold and store many utility items but also as a beautiful decorative piece of art for home decoration. They are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, patterns, shapes and finishes to help matching all decor. Shelf brackets are made of iron, aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel, cast iron, wood and the shelves that are placed on them are made of wood, marble, metal or glass. You can enhance any home by the use of shelf brackets while displaying all your cherished collection of decorative art pieces or utility items and interesting photographs. These can complement any room area giving an elegant ambiance. Shelf brackets lend attractiveness to decoration of your home.

shelf brackets

There are different types of shelf brackets with different polishing and finishing

Since all brackets are made of metal, they are usually electroplated so as to prevent them from rusting and then they are either painted or polished. The polishes on them are of varied types

  • polished chrome
  • nickel polished
  • antique finish
  • Black Powder coat finish
  • White powder coat finish
  • Brass polish etc.

Designs and Uses of Shelf Brackets

They are sturdy and heavy-duty as they need to hold the shelf in place, together with a lot many decorative and other objects. Shelves are a very effective way to display and store practically anything in your home. A good shelf needs to be adequately supported by a shelf bracket. Shelf brackets are the most important element of a shelving system, mainly because it is upon a shelf bracket that the weight of the entire load of a shelf lies. These shelf brackets also come in a variety of styles.

You can opt for the simple, L-shaped bracket that has no aesthetic value but that serves its purpose well.

l-shaped bracket

Or you can go for the artistic, ornate brackets. The shelf brackets are intricately carved in various floral patterns and are also available in simple, sleek patterns.

ornate brackets

For home decoration, the ornate cast iron or wrought iron decorative shelf brackets look great. You can place a decorative shelf bracket in your living room to display art pieces or pictures, you can place them in the kitchen to hold kitchen items or in the bathroom to hold towels or place them even in the garden or patio to beautifully display a line of potted plants.

Thus depending on the size and style, you can use shelf brackets for a variety of purposes. Simple and plain brackets remain functional, but decorative brackets are not only functional but also add to the decor of the room they are used in.  And are available in many attractive designs.

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