Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are becoming one of the most widely used lighting options in modern homes because of their versatility and modern aesthetic. There is an extensive collection of pendant lights or lighting fixtures in the market to decorate any room with style and panache. Pendant lights are the perfect addition in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. They look good over a table top, over a dinning room table, or bar.

The pendant lights make a dramatic difference in the appearance and the added illumination is quite functional. Pendant lights are available in different shapoes and sizes and the shades can be of glass, crystal, fabric, handmade paper, aluminum etc. The basic concept of a pendant light is that it doe not give light to the entire room but to a specific portion where the light is hanged. It is a hanging light and it acts as a great alternative to a over-sized chandeliers. Pendant lights have today become a compact ceiling light fixture which is stylish as well as economical. Today’s pendant light fixtures are available in lots of colors and finishes and they can perfectly suit to any decor of your home. Hanging Pendant lights are perfect in a foyer, dining room, kitchen, or any dark corner. Pendant lights can be used to offer a direct source of light to a particular task area. Besides this they are a beautiful decorative accessory to bring mood and color into a room.



Styles of Pendant Lights

Depending your requirement, your budget, your home decor, you will find pendant lights of various types like as follows:

  • Casual Pendant Lights
  • Contemporary Pendant Lights
  • Traditional Pendant Light fixtures
  • Hall & Foyer Pendant Lights
  • Kitchen Island Pendants Lighting
  • Transitional Pendants Lights
  • Novelty Pendants Lights
  • Cream-White Pendant Lighting
  • Dual & Triple-Mount Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant Lights Home Decoration Ideas

Pendant lighting is a smart choice for interior home lighting. They provide function and style to home, offices, bathrooms. Today they are considered one of the most popular choices for decorative lighting as they easily transcend many decor styles.  For a rustic country style, a glass and rustic bronze pendant light or a pair of caged pendant lights will complete your look. Modern pendant lighting is a good choice for crisp and clean interiors. You can add a fresh look to your décor with a globe pendant light or clear glass mini pendant.
When choosing glass hanging pendants, consider the room in which you want to use the fixtures and what type of lighting affect you are trying to achieve.
Choose a more rustic style shade for a country kitchen; go with a nearly invisible, shadeless mode with a tiny bulb for an ultra-contemporary decor. Some artistic styles of pendant lighting include stain glass pendant light, art glass pendant lighting which looks good in living room corners. There are kitchen spotlights. Go for a hip stainless steel pendant lamp over a kitchen island to shine on your chopping without over-lighting the space for an evening gathering. You can use a Moroccan style pendant lamps over a bedroom side table. In the game room or living room, create a seating area with floor cushions and hand a pendant lamp for a more mysterious appeal.





Check out more designs in Pendant Lights Designs: Photo Gallery

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