Tapestry Wall Hangings

Tapestry wall hangings are the latest entrants in the home decor and home furnishings market. Though tapestries have originated long time ago, they have been used as popular home decor items in a full swing in recent years. The tapestry is one of the most pervasive works of art from different cultural backgrounds, such as Asian, Italian, Belgian, European and French. They are are one of the most popular home decorative items for enhancing the overall look of your home. Most often, people use these tapestries for decorating the walls of their home.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

What is Tapestry?

Tapestry is a form of textile art. Tapestry is weft-faced weaving, in which all the warp threads are hidden, whereas in cloth weaving both the warp and the weft threads are visible. In tapestry weaving, weft yarns are typically discontinuous; the weaver interlaces each colored weft back and forth in its own small pattern area. It is a plain weft-faced weave having weft threads of different colours worked over portions of the warp to form the design. A tapestry is a woven image which may use any number of textiles and may come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Most tapestry weavers use a naturally based warp thread like linen or cotton. The weft threads are usually wool or cotton, but may include silk, gold, silver, or other alternatives.


Tapestry Wall Hangings

The most common decorative item related to a tapestry is actually a wall hanging tapestry which depicts a scene, but the term “tapestry” may also be used in relation with other textiles to display a tapestry scene woven onto an item. or instance, there are tapestry blankets, tapestry pillows and tapestry chairs. Modern  tapestries wall hangings are one of the most popular interior decoration items in the world. The empty walls of your home can be given a very attractive appearance by adding beautiful tapestry wall hangings. They fill your home with color, warmth, and elegance. These wall hangings are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and prints, providing a rich and sophisticated look to the entire home.

Tapestry Wall Decor Styles

The modern day tapestry wall hangings reproduce the famous tapestry art form from the past by blending both old and new art in the most creative way.  They offer an intriguing interplay of color and light because of the use of various colored threads and the way the threads can blend together in three dimensions. The designs themes on these wall hangings vary from the cultural influence of one country to another. But all tapestry wall hangings look like classic paintings when hanged on the wall. People prefer to use them in the living rooms. Tapestry wall decor are also seen in five star hotels amd restaurants to give a highlighting appearance. And since they are available in various sizes, themes, and designs, you could easily choose the one that allures you most either as a perfect home decor item or a delightful gift for your loved one.

There are different styles of tapestry wall hangings like the European tapestry, depicting kings and nobility, the exquisite Belgian tapestries, the asian or Indian tapestry depicting floral, intricate patterns in various colouurs or the modern day tapestry depicting various abstract patterns. European tapestries are available in a variety of designs and themes that allow you to choose the one that suits your home decor perfectly. A number of wall tapestries have themes that represent events from the past. For instance, the world famous Bayeux tapestry shows the historical Battle of Hastings. If you want to impress your guests, opt for one of these historical tapestries. Some of the common themes woven into the tapestries are based on nature, fantasy, lifestyles, architecture, oriental themes, medieval era, modern art, religious beliefs. There are tapestry wall hangings with scenes of city, monuments, themes of love, matrimony, progeny, and more. Whatever the style, the designs and scenes, which are woven into the fabric reflect great craftsmanship.

The best wall tapestry comes from France, Belgium and, to some extent, Italy. There are four kinds of tapestries available today (not including originals, which are fine if you can afford them!). The best are custom designs followed by hand woven reproductions. Next are the Jacquard woven wool designs followed by Jacquard woven cotton. Somewhere between them in quality and value is serigraph or silk-screened tapestries.  So next time, when you want to redorate your house and accent your home decor, dont forget to use tapestry wall hangings. The popularity of tapestries has increased quite significantly in recent times.They add life to the entire home interiors.

Wall Tapestry

Modern Wall Tapestry Hanging

Cost Factors When Buying Wall Tapestries

Generally, the price you pay for a modern tapestry will vary according to four intrinsic cost factors: the size, the number of colors of the tapestry, complexity/density of weave, theme and material content of the wall hanging. i.e. hand woven wool, jacquard woven wool, cotton, linen etc.

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