Dhurries are flat weave pile-less rugs generally used for day-to-day purposes. They form an integral part of home decor. Infact in India, durries are the traditional Indian floor-coverings. Since a long period of time, durries have been in use. Sice they are light in weight, cheap and are very attractive to look with their bright colors and patterns, they have adorned floors of Indian homes, besides giving an ethnic look to the ambiance of a home.

Uses of Durries

Carpets and durries form an integral part of the art and craft of Indian states. These durries are either made of wool or cotton and beautifully woven by the craftsmen, incorporating different designs, highlighting the artistic skills of these craftsmen. The main advantage of using durries is that they are very easy to maintain unlike the expensive heavy carpets. They can be easiy cleaned. They are lighter than traditional carpets and hence can easily be moved around. Because they are comparatively less expensive, they can be replaced once your old durrie becomes worn out. Just place a small durrie near the bed or in the corner of your living room or under the dining table and see what difference it brings to the look of the room.

Cotton durries are a must have for any homes. They are so handy and having a lot of them around the house means that one can easily walk barefoot indoors. of course these are very handy outdoors in a lawn setting and are wonderful for beaches and picnics. Not only that they can also be placed over your old antique chest. They are also used in religious gatherings. These factors have made durries immensely popular.

Types and Designs of Durries

Durries are often brightly colored with loose weaves of cotton and wool. Some durries are made reversible as well. They are available in various sizes. Durries come in numerous designs although the most common are stripes of different colours and geometrical designs. Sometimes animal and bird motifs are also used. There are durries of different types like cotton durries, wool durries, chenille durries, leather durries, hemp durrries, multi color hemp durries, indian duries, exclusively made by hand using the age old technique. Dhurries are one of the least expensive yet one of the very elegant and beautiful flat floor-coverings that compliment from most traditional to most modern settings, and very formal to casual settings.

 Durries Designs

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