Console Tables

Console tables are a wonderful addition for an enhanced look as well as for a functional purpose to any room of your home. Console tables when placed against a wall in any room can highlight that space by holding picture frames, flower vases, plasma tv, etc. Adding a console table alongside the wall helps complete your home decor. They are available in materials like wood, glass, metal in various shapes, color, and sizes.

Console Table Design

Console Table Design

Console Tables  Designs

Console tables can be fashioned out of a number of different materials including wood, like cherry, oak, maple, mango, walnut, or ash, but sometimes tables are made from metal, glass, and even stone. The wooden console tables with different finishes, antique patterns, intricate detailing give a very traditional appearance. The beautiful finishes on wood consoles will add to beauty and functionality to your home.
The glass top console table with wooden or metal legs have very elegant and sleek look. The modern consoles have sleek panels and contemporary lines that add a touch of glamor both day and night.

Uses of Console Tables

A console table acts as a perfect accent table for showing accessories or other decorative items, thereby adding a definite character to your living room space. A console table placed in the hallway or entryway with an additional lighting like a small lamp looks awesome. You can also use a console table for keeping keys, mail, a handbag, and other small items as you enter you home after some errand. It becomes very handy to keep small useful items on the console table, that can be taken along with you when you leave. These console table usually come with storage options like with drawers or shelves. The big sized consoles can be used to display a TV or music system and so on. Organize your media with beautifully designed TV Consoles. Modern console tables are not only decorative accents but also very useful for holding or storing items depending on the size and shapes. Over the years, interior decorators and manufacturers have made many design variations of this furniture piece.







Console Table Varieties

That is why you will find different types of console tables like as

  • Console Tables
  • TV Consoles
  • Curio Consoles
  • Wine Consoles
  • Credenzas
  • Accent Tables

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