Corner Lamps

Corner lamps are beautiful decorative accents that highlight the corner areas of any room. Nowadays, keeping a corner lamp in the living room has become a trend. With excellent designs, they embellish an otherwise dull looking corner in a beautiful way. A small addition of a corner lamp can make all the difference in the look of the room. These lamps are available in varied designs, styles, materials and finishes that you can find one that suits your taste and budget. Standing or placed at the corner of the interiors, these lamps with unmatched styles, featuring contemporary and traditional architectural textures indeed bringing about a touch of class and sophistication to any surrounding.

Materials Used and Finishes Applied

You will find a whole range of corner lighting in varied materials starting from metals like wrought iron, aluminum, brass, copper to wood, glass, ceramic and plastic. Similarly the lamp shades are available in varied materials. There are shades made of fabrics in varied prints and designs, there are bamboo or cane shades, there are glass shades, paper lamp shades, fiber glass lamp shades and many more. They are available in a wide variety of styles, color, sizes and materials from traditional to modern. It is important to select a lamp shade that suits the lamp base. It must match the color and shape of the corner lamp base. Normally, a square lamp base will need a square lamp shade and a circular lamp base would need a circular lamp shade. At times you can also go mix and match combinations where a square lamp base can match with a abstract shape lamp shade. At the same time, it is also equally important to check out how the lamp shade fits and suits the base of the lamp.

Metal corner lamp bases are usually powder coated and then given different finishes starting from standard black finish to nickel plated, copper finish, patina polished, brass finish, chromium plated, gold plated and so  on. Similarly the wooden lamps are polished or varnished to retain the charm and beauty of wood.


Corner Lamp

Styles of Corner Lamps: Cornerlamps for Home Decor

 The corner lamps can either be floor standing or a table lamp placed on the table in the corner. Usually the floor standing lamps look great. There are adjustable floor standing corner lamps as well. The adjustable height corner lamps have some very creative variants, such as the ones that have many smaller sized bulbs attached to them. The corner lamp that is placed on the table is usually small, light, and has a simple construction and it can easily be carried from one room to the other. Modern corner lamps also have other designs like as adjustable arm lamp, where the corner lamp has “arms” that have lights attached within them. The best thing about such lamps is that you can adjust the arms of the lamp, without moving it from its place. They are very fashionable. In the bedroom corner, the corner lamp becomes a beautiful gadget to help you enjoy laying down on the floor and reading a nice novel. You can also place the corner lamp in the dining room corner. Some people who have the habit of reading in the toilets alos place such lamps in the bathroom corner.  More innovative designs are being constanly made by manufacturers to brighten up the corners of a room. Corner lamps make a decorative statement with its functional value. Their classic styling and excellent designs are sure to enliven any living space.

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