Wrought Iron Grills and Grill Designs

Wrought iron grills have wonderfully adorned the interiors of homes and commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, malls, offices etc. from a very long time. They are the perfect ornamental decor that can be used to enhance the look of your home, including providing additional security when installed in windows and doors.

Wrought iron metal is a very easily malleable metal. They can be beautiful molded into various shapes and patterns, specially in ornamental forms. The wrought iron grills are used in windows, doors, railings, grill gates, fences and even in front of the fireplace. They enhance the appearance of a particular area. The iron grill in front of the house becomes the focal point of the house. Among the various types of grills, wrought iron is definitely the most popular choice.

grill design

grill design

The grills provide security to a home. Wrought iron is durable, strong and at the same time beautiful to look at. That is why in most modern homes today, you see the use of wrought iron grilles. These are seen specially in those homes where people prefer the traditional style of design and architecture with lots of curvaceous patterns and shapes.



The grill design ranges from traditional patterns of highly ornate designs to the sleek, contemporary modern themes. The grills are powder coated to make them rust free. After powder coating, the wrought iron grill can be painted or given different finishes. The nickel plated, the patina finish, the chestnut brown, forest grass, black and white are the most popular finishes on wrought iron grills.

The grill designs are usually in the shapes of leaves, creepers, roosters, sun, and other abstract patterns or geometrical shapes. The shiny black powder coated wrought iron grill will always remain the all time favorite for home owners. These work well in combination with any color and can match any decor of the house. Black iron grill is considered a neutral color that has fine lines and make the room look more elegant.

The wrought iron grill designs are so vast in choices that at times it becomes difficult to choose one. Some also prefer to go for customized grill designs. Most designs have architectural beauty getting redefined. These grills are easy to install and to clean. Some wrought iron manufacturers also manufacture removable grills. The grills can be removed , cleaned and then installed again.

The elegance and beauty that comes with the use of wrought iron grills can never be compared with other grill types. They create an aesthetic appeal and a lasting visual effect.

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