How to Use Ideas from Feng Shui Without Learning the Entire System


Feng Shui is a complex art. But there are some principles of the ancient system of harmony that can be easily applied. These don’t fit exact Feng Shui guidelines, but do greatly improve your living or workspace. Doing this can effect positive changes in your life as a whole.


  1. Soften corners of furniture, counters or rooms with flowing potted or hanging plants and materials. This prevents what in Feng Shui are called ‘Poison Arrows’, (sharp corners pointing at a person). Doing this creates a flowing, more soothing environment.
  2. Do not allow dust, dirt or objects to collect in corners or underneath things and eliminate as much clutter as possible. In Feng Shui this is preventing/eliminating stagnant Chi.
  3. Face mirrors to windows if at all possible, or to attractive indoor scenes. You don’t want to look at the reflection of blankness or unpleasantness.
  4. Try to avoid placing your bed under a window or a mirror across from your bed. You don’t want to be surprised by yourself in the morning.
  5. Avoid placing chairs with their backs to a door; again, no one wants to be surprised.
  6. Place chairs and sofas in circles so that conversation is facilitated and encouraged. Never make the television the central focus of a room.
  7. Break up and enhance windows with colored glass panes or hanging objects. If you have a porch or deck, hang plants across it if it is structured to allow this. You want some kind of barrier between yourself and the outside, particularly if you face a parking lot or major street.
  8. Place windchimes in archways to facilitate Chi flow.
  9. Group decorative objects by element, (wood, metal, glass). This creates an interesting effect. Also include fire (candles, incense) and water (fountains, fish bowls, fresh flowers floating or in vases).
  10. Choose areas to group photographs of children, photographs of loved ones and certificates or other proofs of accomplishment. Make sure pictures are not with one person only, this gives you the sense of loneliness.
  11. Fill your home with plants, fresh flowers and candles.


 Feng Shui Tips: Bagua Chart


  • Animals are great Chi enhancers. Birds, fish (traditionally black and gold fish), cats and dogs are all excellent additions to pet-friendly households. Keep dogs inside if possible, as the good chi will be stronger.
  • Music greatly affects atmosphere. Try playing soft music in the background all the time, or use music to set different tones in different rooms.
  • Use incense to enhance the mood of different rooms.
  • Read more about Feng Shui in books or on-line.
  • Take an on-line course in Feng Shui.


  • Don’t mess up with the directions. Like Vaastu Shastra, Feng Shui lays importance on directions of different elements.


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