Futon Beds


Futon bed, Futon sofa bed or simply Futon is the latest fashion trend for home decor. Futon is basically a japanese concept of a flat mattress with a beautiful exterior fabric stuffed with cotton, wool, or synthetic batting that makes up a comfortable bed. The basic idea is to place the futons on the floor during night time to sleep and fold and store in the closet when not in use during day time. Futons are widely used in Japanese culture even today but the modern versions of futon beds are not of the mattress type but in a sofa or couch structure made on wood or metal frame which can be easily transformed into a bed when required. Today’s futon beds are comfortable, sleek and attractive. There has been a great demand for futons in the market today. The reason behind this is that they are fashionable and functional as they look great with their modern designs and they can serve the dual purpose of a couch and a bed. This is of great advantage especially when there is a space constraint in the home. Futons are a great way to turn a living room into a guest room in just a matter of minutes.

Futon Frame Materials

Wooden Futon Beds: This is the most popular form of futon beds. The wood frames are greatly in use for producing futons. There are different varieties of woods used to make wood futon beds like as oak, mahogany, cheery, teak, maogany and otherr types of hard wood. The solid wood structure is covered with mattress with fabric upholstery to beautify the look of the bed. The fabrics are available in varied styles, prints and colors that there are various options to choose from to match with your room’s decor. Leather upholsterd futons are very popular. The wood frames are given various finishes. They can be polished, varnished, waxed or painted. Some are given a natural finish to retain the natural beauty of the wood.

Wooden Futon Beds

Metal Futon Beds: Metal futon beds are also very popular as they are available at a much cheaper rate compared to the wooden beds. The metal frame is either wrought iron or steel. The metal futons are made from hollow metal bars. They are eletroplated so as to make them they rust free. They are sturdy but light in weight. Like wooden futon beds, these metal futons also are beautified further by upholsterd fabric mattress. Yes, metal futon frames are cheaper and look pretty good, but if you want to get a quality futon bed, either go for a wooden futon, or find a really high quality metal futon bed.

metal futon bed

The Futon Cover

The final touch, the cover is the most noticeable part of the futon. It coordinates with the surrounding environments as well as protecting the futon mattress from dirt, spills, etc. Because it is removable, different covers can be used for different seasons, moods, etc. Don’t forget coordinating or contrasting pillows to provide the finished look!

Types of Futon Frames and Futon Mattresses

  • The Bifold Futon Frame:  The most common futon frame in which the futon mattress is folded in half the long-way. Perfect for couches and everyday conversion to a bed. Bifold futon frames are available in Full, Queen & Chair sizes.
  • Loveseat Futon Frame: This is speacially designed for small spaces. Here a 2-piece futon mattress is used to fit a twin or full size bed into the smallest possible space. Loveseat futon frames are great space-savers in guest-rooms, home offices or any small space. They are available in Twin and Full sizes.
  • Trifold Futon Frame: Also good for small spaces, a trifold futon frame folds the mattress in three levesl, the seat, the back and another layer hanging from the back. Because the mattress must fold in thirds, only thinner futon mattresses can be used on trifold futon frames. They are also more difficult to convert from couch to bed than bifold or loveseat futon frames.
  • Futon Bunk Beds: This is more popular for kids room. Here the futon is in the shape of a bunk bed. But instead of 2 beds, one top of the other, which is the usualy style of a bunk bed, in futon bunk beds, there is just a single bed on the top whereas the lower portion has just a couch.

Immense popularity of futon beds

You’ll find a whole range of futon beds in the furniture market today, for sizes ranging from queens to kings to doubles, from wooden farmes to metal frames, from a wide variety of mattress styles and ofcource in varied prints and patterns. You’ll find them at all price ranges, too, with some costing barely more than $100 and others cracking the $1,000 range. They’ll come in a wide variety of comfort levels, too, with some resembling those old college hostel room futons  and others providing as much comfort as the fluffiest beds in a high-end hotel. You can change the futon bed as a couch if you wish to sit and can also turn it into a bed when you want to sleep. Futons can be placed not only in your bedroom. Wherever you place it, it suits well with your room decor. Futon sofa beds today come in a wide range of styles. You’ll be able to find one that fits perfectly with the decor of your home. This is important if you want to turn your futon into a sofa when you’re not using it. You certainly don’t want a sofa or a couch that won’t mesh well with the rest of the décor in a particular room. Thankfully, with the wide range of futon beds now on the market, you won’t have to worry about this.

Some Futon Images

Bifold Futon Bed

Bifold Futon Bed

Tri fold Futon Bed

Tri fold Futon Bed

Futon Love Seat

Futon Love Seat

Futon Bunk Bed

Futon Bunk Bed

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