Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas in a variety of designs, stylish fabrics and patterns offer a stylish look to your living room space. In modern homes today, especially those having large living rooms, you will see the use of sectional sofas. These sofas add a flexibility and also additional seating spaces. You will be struck by the sheer beauty of the whole range of living room sectional sofas, sectionals, sectional sleeper sofas, reclining sectional sofas, small sectional sofas in the furniture market today. Sectional sofas are that “additional something” for your living room, that can easily highlight the look of the room. With so many styles, colors, fabrics, and price ranges to choose from, it’s easy to find a sectional sofa that fits your choice, your needs as well as your budget.

Also referred as a sectional , a sectional sofa is sofa made of multiple sections (usually 2 to 4) and at least two pieces are used to join at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater. That is why the most common shape of sectional sofa is the L-shaped sectional which is used to wrap around walls or other furniture. It easily fits into the corner of a room and hence referred as corner sofa, specially in the UK.

Modern Sectional Sofa
Modern sectional sofas are sleek, flexible and sophisticated. They can be focal point of a room. Their mix and match flexibility and ample seating capacity make them the most sought after furniture for a modern living room. They are great for relaxed and friendly conversations as they are comfortable to sit and talk for hours. Contemporary sectional sofas with modern flair are available in leather as well as fabric.

modern sofa

Modern Sofa

Leather Sectional Sofa
Nothing can beat the elegance and radiant style of leather sectional sofa. Made of plush seat cushions, padded arm rests, and innovative spring supports, the leather sofas are versatile, convenient and elegant way to furnish a living room. The quality of leather upholstery can last for many years. Unlike other types of upholstery fabrics, leather do not fade or tear easily. Thanks to its natural elasticity, it will still stay soft and supple over time. Various types of leather are used to make the upholstery and they are available in a wide range of colors like white, black, brown etc. Leather sectional couch can be turned into a sectional recliner chair or a sofa bed as and when required.

Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

Fabrics Sectional Sofas
Sectional sofas in fabrics upholstery are also very popular. You will find a large number of styles and designs in fabric sectionals. The most popular fabrics used are microfiber, microsuede featuring luxurious rich textures. Other fabrics used for sectionals are vinyl, cotton, cotton blend, silk, linen, polyester, rayon, wool, nylon, velvet etc. The fabrics sectional sofas are available in varied colors and prints that you can easily choose one that matches with your room’s decor. The best part in fabric sectinal is that you can easily change the fabric time to time to give a new look to your sofa.

fabric sectional sofa

Fabrics Sectional Sofa

Outdoor Sectional Sofas
Sectional sofa is available as modern outdoor furniture also. Here wood, all weather resin wicker, wrought iron etc. are the most preferred materials for outdoor sectionals. Rust proof, powder coated steel frames or aluminum frames are used for outdoor sectional sofa. Generally cushions are used for comfort which can be changed when required. Outdoor sectionals are available as four, five or six pieces sets depending on the space available.

Shapes of Sectional Sofa
Sectional sofas are available in a variety of shapes such as follows:

  • L shape sectional sofa
  • U shape sectional sofa
  • N shape sectional sofa
  • S shape sectional sofa
  • Circular sectionals
  • Curved Sectional Sofa

Advantages of Sectional Sofas
The best thing about sectionals are that the sofa can be rearranged in various positions that will be most compatible with the space, décor and function of a room. Sectional sofas are creative . The traditional L-shaped sofa can be re-arranged to make a shape that works for you.  With sectional sofas, you always have the freedom to add or subtract pieces as you need them.  If you live in a small apartment, you may just require 2 or 3 pieces of a sectionals into your living room.  For bigger rooms, you can simply add a few more sections. And ofcourse for creativity, you can look for corner sofas in more unique shapes – like U-shaped sofas, S-shaped sofas, and even circular-shaped sofas. They are fully scalable to any space.

Popularity of Sectional Sofas in Home Decor
Different colors, size and choice of configurations make modern sectional sofa suitable for any living space. They can be arranged in a configuration that fits the room well. Leather, slip cover or fabric upholstered sectional sofa look stylish in a modern living room. These are used not only in homes but also in commercial areas like café or night clubs, office reception, hotels etc. Some of the styles available in sectional sofas are loveseats, recliner, chaise and fusion. Loveseats are perfect for small spaces. Recliner sectional sofas can be available in right or left side. Chaise sectionals can be used as daybeds. Fusion sectional sofas are a combination of corner chaise and sofa.

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