Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island has become a very popular feature for kitchens in modern homes. When you build a new kitchen or want to remodel your old kitchen, interior decorators suggest to opt for a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are available in various sizes, shapes and designs to suit any home.

What is a Kitchen Island?

Kitchen island refers to the extra addition to an open kitchen, which is placed in the center of the kitchen  and becomes the focal point. With varied shapes and design options, kitchen islands are used not only as a workspace in the kitchen but also for added convenience in cooking, eating, storing, visiting with friends and family, and much more. Kitchen islands come in various sizes from small to oversize that can even function as a dining table for the whole family.

Kitchen Island Design & Kitchen Island Ideas



Sizes of Kitchen Islands

  • Super size type: for an area with a lot of available open space.
  • Mid-size island: for a normal-sized kitchen space.
  • Compact island: This is more of a portable type, used in outdoors and in smaller kitchens.

Shapes of Kitchen Islands

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Triangle
  • L Shape
  • U Shape

Practically you will find in any shape that will fit into the centre of the kitchen. Of all the shapes, however, the square, rectangle and L-shapes are very popular.

 Kitchen Islands Countertop & Colors

The beauty of the kitchen islands lie on the counter tops which are available in wide variety of choices like as:

  • Granite counter top
  • Marble counter top
  • Wooden counter top
  • Stainless steel counter top
  • Formica counter top
  • Quartz counter top
  • Concrete counter top
  • Laminate counter top

These are available in varied color options that can complement the look of the entire kitchen furniture, wall paint, cabinets and other items.

Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design

Types of Kitchen Islands

There are varied portability options of kitchen islands as well:

  • Fixed kitchen island: This type of island is attached to the kitchen area and cannot be removed.
  • Portable kitchen island: This type of island has wheels attached to them, so that they can be moved from one area to another. Good for a medium-sized kitchen.
  • Folding kitchen island: This type of kitchen island is preferred for outdoor use. It can be folded and stored when not in use. Good for small kitchen spaces

Added Features on Kitchen Islands

Think about the features and appliances that you would like to include in your island. Besides a seating space, a kitchen island comes with attached drawers and cabinets underneath, which can store cutlery and crockery as well as all the cooking utensils. You can simply have a plain counter top or you can opt for counter tops with attached cooking grill. Some islands also have a sink and faucet attached  to wash up and clean everything.  There can be in-built bar fridge in kitchen islands. It can also be designed as a buffet counter.

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