Wooden Platform Beds

There is nothing like a wooden platform bed to add a little warmth and elegance to your bedroom. Wooden platform beds are widely used in modern homes today. Not only their shapes and styles make them ideal for any bedroom décor, they are also highly preferable for health and well being. The platform bed is the center of attraction in the bedroom and the best part is that in small space and small sized bedrooms, platform beds are the best option one can go for.



What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a bed which consists of a mattress placed on a solid platform without legs which allow the bed to sit directly on the floor. At times the solid bottom is raised off the floor by legs or framing. The space below the platform bed can be utilized for storage purposes. Platform beds do not have springs. Nowadays, the space under the drawer has in-built drawers as well.

Types of Wood Used

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Teak etc.

Styles and Finishes
Platform beds are available in different styles, finishes and sizes which are extremely extremely versatile. They are available in double, king size, queen size, full size.   Though they are usually designed to support a mattress, they can be changed and customized for use with box springs. Changing the height of the headboard and lowering the size of the slate board help in giving the customized look. The wooden platform bed is generally given oil finish, varnished, lacquered or at times kept natural. The finishes actually depend on the room’s decor. Platform beds are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek ultra modern designs. The wooden beds are aesthetically pleasing.

Popularity of Wooden Platform Beds
Platform beds are certainly popular as they provide warmth and charm in the bedroom. Today they are the most widely used contemporary furniture that offer comfort as well as beauty to any type of bedroom decor. Platform beds are becoming ever more popular with smart bedroom models that are popular in these days. You can actually match with some other items of furniture and a room look larger, that’s ideal for bedrooms with space.  Solid wood platform beds last for a long time.





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