Staircase Handrails

In modern homes today, staircase has become a focal point. Whether it is the staircase that is inside your home to take you to other rooms in the house or it is outside the house for an entry to your terrace garden, emphasis need to be given for enhancing the look of your house. Make the staircase of your house an extension of your personality. Usually, the flooring of the staircase is made of wood, cement, stones like marble, granite, sandstone etc. It is the railings of the staircase that highlight its beauty. Staircase railings are made of various materials like iron, wood, glass and other materials and each material can be given an artistic touch by craftsmen today. Always remember that you should never consider the staircase as a way to get to different floors, and the railing only for safety purpose. Consider both fashion and functionality. The railings should be strong and durable but at the same time they should be a part of the decor and design theme of your home. Whether you are building a new staircase or renovating an existing one, make sure you hire professional help to make it look a stunner!

Wood Stair Railings
Choosing the right stair railing should have both style and safety implications. Iron, metal, and wood stair rails are most commonly used. Wood stair rails are best reserved for indoors, because of the added level of elegance that a hand carved railing can provide. They are available in various styles and finishes. Wood railings come in a wider variety of styles. Different woods and finishes that complement the home furnishings and furniture can be chosen with styles ranging from winding railings for curved staircases. Depending upon the type that you purchase, wood is usually the most expensive, but also offers a whole different class of style.


Wood Staircase



Iron Hand Rails
Cast iron or wrought iron is the most widely used material for hand rails. Iron is best served outdoors because of its ability to last for a long time, withstanding harsh weather conditions. They look great with stone steps. Nowadays, wrought iron railings are widely used in interiors. They provide a safe, and visually pleasing way to walk up and down concrete stairs safely. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, so you can find a design that contours to your taste, and the color scheme of your home.


wrought iron railings


Cast iron Railings

Glass Hand Rails
This is the latest entrant in the home decor market. Glass railings have their own unique charm and beauty. Glass railings are possibly the least thought about railings out of all of the different materials.The transperency look of the railings create an elegant appearance. The glass hand rails are available in various colors. Printed glass railing is another favorite option.


Glass Hand Rails

Glass Hand Rails

Glass Hand Rails

Stainless Steel Staircase Railings
Stainless steel railings are considered to be strong, durable, stylish and savvy since they can be molded to fit into any contemporary designs. In beautifying your home or workplace, steel railings can be employed. Steel railings can also be used along with other materials such as glass and timber. Often you can find glass railings supported by steel rails in order to provide strength and reliability. Incorporating glass into your this type of railings can provide a more elegant and neat look to your house.


Steel Railings

Thus if you want to beautify your home, then try looking at the installation of staircase with handrails for beauty and safety purpose. Well designed handrails can definitely give a beautiful look to your entire home.