Wall Sconces for Home Decor

Wall sconces are popular decorative items in modern homes today. Wall sconces are really a fun part of decorating a home, both indoor and outdoor spaces. Wall sconces are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, which makes it easy to find the perfect lighting for your home.

  What are wall sconces?
As the name suggets, sconces are light fixtures fixed on the wall. Wall sconces are in use from a very long time. Initially they were used to hold candles or torches, long before the discovery of electricity along the walls of homes, and castles. Today they are used not only to illimunate rooms but also to set the mood and enhance the look of the decorative pieces in the room. In homes where there is space constraint to keep floor lamps or table lamps, wall sconces are the best way to contribute to accent lighting in the room and also to compement the room’s decor.

Wall Sconces

Styles of Wall Sconces
The styles that you choose for your sconces depend to a great extent for what purpose you want the light for, what is the size of the room , what is the room’s decor, what is the material used to make the sconce etc. etc. Some popular styles seen are as follows:

  • Contemporary/Modern Sconces: The designs are typically clean, straight lines with minimal dedoration of the metal and glass accents which will create an atmosphere of luxury and appeal.
    Craftsman/Mission:  Craftsman wallsconces have a simple form with sturdy structure, clean lines, and natural materials such as copper, wood, and mica. It emphasizes the importance of handmade crafts, as opposed to factory-produced items. Mission style is related to the Arts and Crafts style. It has simple, plain lines but can lean toward darker, warmer finishes.
  • Crystal Wall Sconces:  Crystal wall sconces are a great way to bring shine and sparkle into a room, specially a dull portion of a room.  Crystals can vary in color as well, allowing you to not only add a spark of interest, but to coordinate with the exiting color choices in your décor.
  • Swing Arm/ Directional Wall Sconce:  This design is the most practical design of wall sconce, where a swing arm sconce on either side of a bed is an efficient way of achieving the task lighting needed to read in bed. Directional wall sconces are a fantastic way to highlight areas and objects of interest in a room.Iron/Rustic/Lodge:  Iron wall sconces have a classic appeal that fits well in traditional or rustic settings. Cast iron fixtures or wrought iron light fixtures are strong and sturdy. Theu have ornate designs in variosu shapes and patterns starting from creepers to animals to stars etc. With varied finishes to match the room’s interior. They can enhance cabins, lodges, or homes with a rustic design.
  • Kid’s Room:  Kid’s Room wall sconces are a great way to liven up your child’s room.  An array of colors and motifs are available in colorful images and fun designs, which turn a kids room into a bright and cheerful space.
  • Stained Glass/Tiffany WallSconce :  Stained glass wall sconces come in a variety of colors and shapes, each having their own individual style . Tiffany sconces make a statement with their own individuality.  Stained glass wall fixtures are full of rich colors and tones that bring the patterns to life.
  • Traditional: Traditional wall sconces have gentle curves and graceful scrolled arms, and are usually constructed of Brass or Pewter.  Candelabras or candle wall sconces are traditional wall sconces, having a very elegant appearance.
  • Transitional: Transitional wall sconces are the blending of Traditional and Contemporary fixtures. Transitional sconces are made for today’s casual home, featuring a fresh and fashionable style.

Sconces Lighting Options
The lighting function is counted a lot to set the rightmood. For creating a  romantic mood, use wall sconces that cast light upward and cast a subtle glow. However, if you need  to provide additional lighting for an area, you wll need a light fixture that does not cast much shadow and  provides more illumination. Finally, if you are using wall sconces to highlight décor items, wall  sconces that cast light downward are a good option. Wall sconces can be used to provide soft background illumination, as well as directional task lighting. Sconces with incandescent lamps and glass, or fabric shades will diffuse light, which is perfect for ambient lighting in areas which don’t need large amounts of light. Sconces featuring halogen wall sconce will provide general  lighting and complement existing light without taking up large floor space.  When used properly, sconces can add just the right amount of ambience to a room. They are a beautiful addition to any style of décor.

Where are sconces placed?

Sconces are seen adorning all rooms of a house, including outdoor garden areas, patios, hallways, entryways etc. Wall sconces are used in a variety of different areas of the home. Bedroom, dining room, and bathrooms are all popular locations for. From entryways to highlighting fireplaces, paintings, and or lining hallways and climbing alongside stairways – wall sconces are great way to bring additional light to much needed areas throughout your home.To determine the right style of sconce for your home, consider the room, its size, and the objects already in it. What material, color, or trend is predominant in your room’s? Do you want to enhance or highlight the atmosphere of the room?  Wall sconces should be chosen to complement the look of other lighting in the room as well as the architecture and decorating style of the home.

Sconces Photo Gallery


Halogen Wall Sconces


Wall Candle Sconces

Wall Sconce

Modern Wall Sconce

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