Together with furniture, decorative wall art, lightings, an important home decor item that can either make your room look good or bad is the curtains of that room. Flary curtains, printed curtains, spotted curtains, net curtains and so on with decorative curtains rods and curtain tiebacks definitely can highlight your living room or for that matter any room. Decorative curtains for sure going to catch the eyes of every guest. Decorative curtain rods and curtains are a best way to spruce up the design of any room. Curtains are a great way to complement your room’s furniture and other accessories.

Fabrics Used in Making Curtains

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Net
  • Velvet
  • Damask
  • Brocade
  • Satin

Curtains Styles
There are lots of styles available in curtains which can make out all the difference depending on which style you opt for for your room. The curtain styles can make the room look traditional or modern. Usually the living room is the room where your can opt for varied styles in curtains while most other rooms have the traditional normal length free flowing curtains. To bring out the best in your  curtain styles be very specific while choosing the fabric as wrong selection can reduce the appeal of the curtain styles. There is an endless choice of fabric for living room curtains. You can pick either single style or mix and match two different fabrics for curtains. You can also go with the contrasting shades and match the one with your wall color. The varied styles are as follows:

Floor Length Living Room Curtains
Floor length living room curtains look beautiful on the doors and even on the windows. They look all the more beautiful in a if you have a very large room. Such curtains do not look good in small rooms.

Floor Length Curtains

Floor Length Curtains

Tie Back Curtains
Tie back living room curtains give the additional touch to the curtain. Tie back curtains as the name suggests have curtain accessories like tassel, a holder, tie back clips to tie the curtains. The windows look more beautiful with these curtains, when  light fabric curtains are placed between two tie back curtains.

Tie Back Curtains

Floor Length Curtains

Curtains with Valence
Using valence give a royal look. The valance starts from the top of the curtain and very short. The end of the valance can be decorated with fringes. There are two options for this, either you go with the same color as the curtain or contrasting colors for the curtain and the valence.

Curtains with Valence
Curtains with Pelmets
A traditional living room has this type of curtain. Generally wooden pelmet is fixed on the window that can be decorated with the polish or, curtain fabric can be attached to it on the visible side. There are different pelment designs which enhance the room’s decor with curtains.

Curtains with Pelmets

Curtains with Pelmets

Selection Tips of Curtains

The selection of curtain style and design depends upon the interior decor and color theme. Factors like size and shape of the room and your budget must also be considered. Choose the fabric, design and pattern very carefully. There are some designs look good on a particular fabric and may not look good on another fabric. Inner lining can be given to the curtain to protect your curtains from Sunlight that can change the color of the fabric. There are ready made curtains in the market. Custom curtains are popular as they are made on the requirements of the customer. Before buying the curtains you will have to consider many things like as follows:

  • Would you like to have a valance in your curtain or  pelmet ?
  • What styles do you want: like hanging straight down or tied back?
  • Would you like to have lining for your curtain styles or not?
  • Do you want pull cords for the living room curtains or not?
  • What length ? For windows it can be till floor or at the end of the window.

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