Paper Lamp Shades

Paper lamp shades and paper lanterns are very popular in Japan and China. Infact they are widely used in important Asian festivals. For example, the Chinese Lantern Festival has been celebrated since the 5th century CE. Streets and buildings are decorated with paper lanterns. Today handmade paper lamps have been used to adorn the decor of many modern homes.

A dull room room can easily be highlightened with lamp shades, and give an elegant ambiance to your room’s decor.

paper lamp shade

 Lamp shades are used to cover the the light fixtures or a table lamp or floor lamp, and to prevent the glaring light from hurting your eyes. By providing an excellent cover around the light fixtures, these light shades can evenly distribute the light around the room, besides beautifying the room. There are many designs available in lamp shades. A very commonly used lamp shade is the one made with paper. Paper lamp shades with their unique designs and patterns can easily highlight your room. So spruce up your room with paper glass shades.

Paper lamp shades are usually made of rice or silk paper, covering a light source. Due to the thin paper covering that makes the lamp shade, when lit they are very beautiful, especially when they are colored. The lamp shades carry designs, paintings or screens that show up brilliantly under a light source. The elaborate designs on these shades further give an enhanced look to the entire shade. They are available in all possible shapes and sizes from simple square or circle or glode shapes to the abstract patterns, stars, figures etc. As people are getting more environment-conscious, handmade paper is replacing conventional paper. Lampshades made of handmade paper are more beautiful compared to fabric. These lamp shades can be installed on table lamps, floor lamps and can also be hanged from the ceilings. Paper lampshades are delicate and beautiful, and can add a touch of elegance to just about any decor.

Paper Lamp Shades Image Gallery


Hanging Paper Lamp Shade


Handmade Paper Lamp Shade


Paper Lamp Shade


Rice Paper Lamp Shade

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