Vastu Tips for Locker Room

 Locker room when kept as per vaastu rules can play a major role for more luck and prosperity.   According to vastu, there is every chance of outflow of money to be more than inflow if the locker room is located in wrong position. The room should be fully secured and safe for keeping cash, jewelry and ornaments.  Though nowadays in most modern homes, the concept of keeping cash and jewelry is in banks instead of homes, yet ther are many traditional rich families who would still prefer to keep their valuables at home in a separate space. Locker room is one of the most important rooms in the house and determines the prosperity and affluence of the house.

steel locker

According to vastu ‘Locker Room’ should be located in north direction of the house. East is also considered auspicious if north room is not available.

Locker room should be of square or rectangular shape and there should not be extension of the room in any side. The height of the room should not be less than that of other rooms.

The almirah or the locker should be kept in the placed in south side of the room but not south-east and south-west and the back of the locker should be on the south wall and front towards north wall. Avoid placing locker in north-east corner as it can cause loss of wealth. There should be a gap of 1 inch from the wall and at least 1 foot away from north-west or south-west corner. If there is space constraint, locker can be placed in the East. Locker should not be placed under the beam and also in the corner.

locker room location
Doors and Windows
The locker room should have only one door with two shutters. The doors of locker room should be in north or east direction. It should not have doors in south-east, south-west, north-west and in south directions. Windows should be in east and north directions in this room.

Color Scheme
The wall and floor of locker room should be of  yellow color. This will lead to increase in wealth.
Other essential tips

  • Locker room should be clean and clutter free.
  • Gold, silver and other valuables should be kept in western or southern part of the locker.
  • A mirror should be hanged to reflect locker. This doubles the chances of increasing wealth.
  • The fountain increases the inflow of money. A fountain with gentle sound of water is just a thing to move positive energy through the space.
  • A birdbath or feeder in house yard to attract wildlife increases the amount of energy around your house as well as brings money in life.

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