Oil Paintings: Giving a modern style for your home

An interesting way of decorating your dull and boring walls is to hang paintings of various forms. One popular form of painting is oil paintings which is adorning the rooms of modern homes today. You can enhance your wall decor with some simple and colorful artworks which are more than enough to give life to your interiors. Oil paintings have become one of the best ways of enhancing interior decor. Oil paints are a type of paint in which natural oils like linseed, walnut, or poppy is used as the medium to bind the pigment. Oil paints dry slowly, allowing an artist time to rework and blend colors. It is basically a painting done using oil paints.

Oil Paintings in home decor

Interior decorators are suggesting nowadays to use oil paintings. Oil paintings for sale have become a booming business. Every artist, though some may be amateur, is demanding a price. And people consider works of art a prized possession. While some prefer to have original paintings at skyrocketed price, others opt for oil paintings of lesser-known artists at a comparatively low price. For some its a hobby to produce oil paintings for home decor. Nevertheless, there has been an increased interest in using oil paintings for home decoration, simply because of their beauty and elegance. There are different oil paintings designs available in art galleries, home furnishings shops, and even in online sites. All you need is to have some taste and idea to choose the best painting. A painting can speak your taste towards art so carefully plan the type of artwork that suits your personality. Whether you buy oil paintings for collecting, investing, or decorating, they are available in different styles, sizes.


Some Tips: What to choose?

Maybe not all paintings match your house well, but there are wide range of choice, different styles, different artists, you will sure finally find some oil paintings that match your need, your budget and ofcourse that complements your home decor.

  • For an Indian traditional look, the most famous painting in Indian home decor are the Raja Ravi Varma collections, which have also made its way in the international markets. His paintings on Indian Woman and Indian Mythology can never go out of trend. One original artwork on the wall of your living room is more than enough to enhance your living room decor. India’ Mysore and Tanjore oil paintings can bring a royal look.
  • Some opt for environment-friendly themes and colors like landscape paintings, flower oil paintings etc.
  • Modern oil paintings have abstract designs which complement well with modern home furnishings and light fixtures.
  • For Dining and kitchen decor, you can have an oil painting of fruits and vegetables.
  • Original artwork by famous artists are recreated by many. Oil painting reproductions are very close to the original no matter in colors, details, brushstrokes and even techniques. Abstract art is where colors and lines are used to create a feeling or emotion. Or, you may like when geometric shapes are used to create a uniform picture like Picasso did with Cubism art. On the other hand, you may be into the more popular Claude Monet and his impressionism paintings. You can go for a digital print of your favourite artist’s artwork which gives you the same clarity as of the original and frame it or laminate in a nice way. An original piece of artwork by an artist such as Picasso can cost you millions of dollars, but if you are looking for a Picasso and will settle with a reproduction, you will pay as little as a hundred dollars.
  • If you are a fan of an actor or a musician then you can have a portrait painting of your favorite icon in your bedroom. Some opt for family members’ portrait.

Popularity and Demand
Interestingly, Indian oil painting art has always drawn global interest. This is primarily because of the diversity in genres, as well as subjects on which paintings have been created. This includes paintings from mythology, as well as modern-day contemporary art forms. Having an oil painting art in a nice, strong frame becomes a wonderful wall art in your home or office.

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