Floor Candle Holders

Floor candle holders are used to provide a functional lighting in any space. today, the market is flooded with a fascinating range of floor candle holders. Usually made of wood or metals of various types like wrought iron, brass, iron, these are smartly designed in several attractive patterns. They can be put by the sofa or bed for reading as well as for decoration. The richness of craftsmanship, colors and styles are seen in these candle floor stand. They can easily stand apart in whichever they are kept and become the focal point of any room. The floor candle holders are available in various heights and look good when kept in the corner of a room.

The wooden floor candle holders are given differen finishes. They are made of various wood types like oak, teak, mahogany, rose wood, pine wood etc. They complement well with wooden furniture in a room. The antique finish, the natural wood finish all dispart a very elegant look. A cluster of such wooden floor candles can easily enhance the look of the room. in many spacial occasions and festivals, people are seen decorating their homes with wooden floor candles instaed of lights. You can create a romantic ambience using these floor candles.

Wrought iron lighting using floor candles also impart a very beautiful look in a room. Amiong all metals, wrought iron is the most widely used material to make floor stands. But brass candle stands are equally popular. While brass stands witgh their gold finish give a very antique appearnace, the wrought iron floor stands give a modern touch. These metal candle floor stands indeed offers a unique look to a room.

Not only these floor candle holders enhance interior decor, they are also a good source of outdoor decor. Just place such floor candle holders in the patio or in your garden and see how beautiful it looks. Infact you can simply use these candle stands for a small party in your garden. The colorful candles on these stands make the look of the stands all the more beautiful and attractive.

So next time when you plan a makeover of your house, as a first step get some candle floor holders. Check out some designs here:

candle floor stands

floor candles

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