Wall Rugs

If you have small sized rugs at home and you already have floor carpets in all your rooms, then  consider turning your rug into a stunning piece of wall art. It will add elegance to any room. Nowadays, hanging rugs is a wonderful way of decorating your homes. As your room’s centerpiece, the rugs provide a focal point for your room’s design. A beautiful wall rug can breathe new life to your living room and dramatically improve its ambience, allowing you to change any room without undergoing a major renovation.

wall rug

There are certain rugs that simply cannot be hung. They are heavy and would undoubtedly tear under their own weight if hung on a wall. However certain rugs are specially made for wall hangings. If you’re unsure, take your rug to any rug retailer to have a professional look at it.

Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • Check out the weight of the rug. Some rugs may be too heavy to hang.Knowing the weight of the rug will help when making decisions about purchasing hangers or screws.
  • Hung rugs in an area away from direct sunlight.
  • Rugs will need regular cleaning and dusting. Take more care of expensive and heirloom rugs. These rugs should never be nailed or hung in a manner that may damage them.
  • Carefully assess what characteristics your rug has: flimsy, heavy, stiff, or floppy and light.  Displaying your rug could lead to curling corners on edges or ends.  The carpet may be more susceptible to sun fade.  Decide what will be the top or bottom of the rug prior to mounting.  This should be determined if the design is uni-directional, or decide if you would like to have the rug appear lighter or darker.  For lighter, hang the carpet pile pointing towards the floor, darker toward the ceiling.

How can you transfrom it into a wall art?

  • Frame It: Make a frame to hold your rug.
  • Shadow Box: Since, rugs fade in direct sunlight, place a rug in a shadow box with ultraviolet protective glass. Try to be creative with a shadow box, adding other items to the box.
  • Velcro: A popular trend for hanging rugs is Velcro. The amount and width of the Velcro will be determined by the weight of your rug. A one inch wide strip will work for light weight rugs, wider strip(s) of Velcro will be needed for heavier rugs.
  • Hang it like a curtain
  • Hang it using a Victorian Picture Hanger
  • Artist Canvas: Pin or stitch it to an artist canvas. The canvas can be painted or covered with fabric to show off your work of art.
  • Latch Hook:Try using picture hooks, slipped through the holes in the back of the rug canvas.

Wall Rugs

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