Christmas Decor Ideas Using Christmas Tree

Introducing your Christmas tree to the flow of your existing living room is a good way to start with your christmas decorations. Consider rearranging your furniture so the pieces are grouped around the tree. If furniture is oriented towards the fireplace or TV, angle your chairs and sofa slightly so the tree becomes the focus.

Replace everyday artwork on the walls with theme oriented images.

Choose a smaller christm as treeto avoid stuffiness in a cozy room. To give more prominence and height, put it in a tall flower urn. Then outfit the tree with an unique color scheme which can be incorporated into the rest of the room.

Use red as the main hue in your living room decor. Incorporate different tones of red into your Christmas tree, and add a few seasonal accents, red berry wreaths or garlands hung from the curtain rod.

Clear your display shelve of their everyday decorative items. Replace with boxes wrapped in colorful papers and ribbons that match your holiday decor. Create a frosty, elegant Christmas look.

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