Bathroom Furniture

A well designed and a well furnished bathroom, which is clean, warm and styled adds value to your home and also help you to start the day with full freshness and vigor. It is a known fact we start our day by going to the bathroom first for freshening up and personal grooming. So obviously anyday we will prefer a neat and tidy appearance of the bathroom. We should not consider bathroom as a place which requires just a bath, shower, sink and a toilet. This is definitely not true any morel Like the other rooms in a house,a bathroom also requires numerous other accessories and furnishings as well to make it more attractive. You have a beautiful house with the best décor, but your bathrooms remain untidy and bare. Then its like having a scar on a beautiful face.

What are the different furniture and accessories required in a bathroom?


Quality and good looking furniture makes the bathroom to be looked at and appreciated. It is important that you evaluate it critically and choose quality furnishings for your bathroom. Bath room furniture includes bathroom vanity, sinks, cabinets, mirrors and bathroom rugs among other things



  • Bathroom Vanity Sinks: Bathroom vanity sinks refer to those sinks which have an additional vanity or cabinet fixed underneath. You can just substitute your standard sink with a vanity sink and give a more more appealing look to the bathroom. You have two choices when it comes to opting for a bathroom vanity sink. First one is the built-in vanity sink and the other is the freestanding vanity sink. Both these kinds of vanities are easily available and fitted.
  • Bathroom Cabinets: There is a wide variety of bathroom cabinets available in the market providing effective storage solutions.
  • Bathroom Mirrors:Investing in a full-length mirror is recommended as it can not only enhance the look of your bathroom but also give an impression of space. Bathroom mirrors with special light fittings help you focus on your image when you stand in front of the mirror and add beauty and style to your bathroom.
  • Bathroom Doors: You have a wide options to choose from if you are looking for bathroom doors. You can make your door selection from different textures and designs. Gone are those days when wood is the main material used in making doors. Opt for water proof doors which will help you bathroom door to lasts longer.
  • Shower Seats: Fixing a seat to a shower area adds safety. It provides a chance for more sufficient personal care.
  • Bathroom Rugs: Complete the bathroom with an attractive rug. Rug will provide a warmer and homly atmosphere, besides reducing the feeling of coolness that comes from tiles or mosaic flooring. Get a rug that matches the color scheme of your bathroom or complements it.
  • Shower Cabin: Shower cabins are used to provide a altogether separate space to take shower. Shower cabin can be either wall or corner installation.

Small Space Solution with Small Bathroom Furniture
Small bathroom furniture does not mean buying small sized furniture; it means better quality and compact furniture that fits in the small sized bathroom accuratley without cramping the space. A small space bathroom can work well and give you the same pleasure of having bath if you do not clutter it with unnecessary things.

  • Always buy multi purpose small bathroom furniture such as a mirror with cabinet, sink console, combined toilet and bidet and small bathroom vanities.
  • If you are remodeling, get rid of items that serve no purpose.
  • Avoid decorative bathroom furniture as it occupies extra space.
  • Corner units with a sink are great space savers.
  • Corner cabinets are specifically designed for bathroom corners with shelves provided for storing goods while serving the decorative purpose at the same time.
  • Keep folding bathroom vanity furniture that can be stacked to make more space, such as stool and chairs.
  • Prefer Wall Hung Fittings like a wall hung basin which leaves the space below it totally open. Another idea is a neat wall hung toilet with the cistern boxed away out of sight.
  • Go for angled shower kit or enclosure, which enables the inclusion of a shower unit in small bathroom design. These are sometimes called quadrant corner shower units.

Any other recommendations for simple ways to upgrade your bathroom?


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