Convertible Furniture

Side Table Converted into Bench
A beautiful piece of furniture, which can be both collapsed and extended. Use as a side table and extend it into a bench for gatherings.

Folded Shelving Units
An interesting shelving option. Highly portable for moves. Can be used as a side table until more storage is needed.

Single Chair cum Bed
An amazing piece of furniture. This piece converts from a single-person chair into a flexible bench seating up to 16 people.
Chair cum Table
A simple design solution, that converts with amazing ease. The quick-and-easy method of transformation makes this chair useful to be used as a table.
Chair Library
Chair Library will certainly work for people whose houses are already overly filled with books. The storage spaces make good storage for books.
Multipurpose furniture
A neat and simple piece of furniture that can be configured in different ways. It can be folded and stored. It can be used as a love seat or long sofa or can be folded flat into a bed.
Couch cum Bed
An amazing couch-and-bed solution. This one converts into a bunk bed for two. A perfect solution for people who have visiting friends or family who bring children.

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