Creative and unique sofa designs

A cool and unusual shape, somewhat inspired by a molecular structure. It is made of 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabric. It can be used in many creative ways. If your are a playful, this is the right sofa for a casual and comfortable look.
This sofa looks like a rug. This “carpet sofa” design looks awesome. It is just a wood and inox support and on top a persian rug.

A design which will will make you say “o my god”. Displaying a very wild theme for your home. They are all made from faux fur.

One half is a plain looking sofa with a curvy old fashioned style. The other half appears to be climbing the wall.

Do not associate patchwork with only quilts and bed coverings. Here patchwork is the upholstery material for a normal sofa which will brighten up any dark corner.
Some more creative designs coming up…

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