Efficient Wall Beds

Why waste space for a guest bedroom that is only used a few days a year? Sleep in perfect comfort with wall beds. Wall beds!!! A furniture piece that turns your room into a multi-functional space. They are known by various names–murphy beds, lift beds, rising beds, space saver beds, fold up beds, folding beds etc.

Folding beds have been around from a very long time. The original Murphy Bed Company still exists and is selling beds even today. Murphy beads or wall beds are great where there is limited space.They are great where an occasional spare bed is required. They are ideal when you require sleeping space, but have little floor space. They are easy to make and put away, leaving the confined area for your daily living. The area when not in use can effectively be used for family hobbies, special projects, sewing room, a computer room, den or home office.


The basic feature of wall beds is that they bolt to the floor and fold up or down when needed. With counter-balanced spring mechanism, they can bolted to the wall firmly and safely. Simply pull the bed down when required and lift it back up. Because it is free-standing, it can be added to any room just like a beautiful piece of furniture. It can even be moved if you ever decide to use it elsewhere!

When you start shopping for a murphy bed just remember that not all houses are suited for one and you might have to scratch the idea if the design options don’t work out for you.

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