Illuminated Bed Furniture: A Latest Trend

Zoom in to the age of illuminated furniture. Enough of illuminating your rooms with decorative lights. Illuminated furniture is started to become a new trend in the furniture world. There are wonderful creations like the illuminated bed, bathroom furniture, LED tiles, bars etc. Although its a new concept, very soon you will find that you are no longer using the switch on the wall to lit up your chandeliers or your expensive lamps to lit up your room. Just imagine walking in to your bedroom with not the lamps lit up, but the bed itself!

Furniture now gets a makeover with in-built lighting systems. French Designer Philippe Boulet, who is well known for his innovative way of reusing antique furniture with technological lighting, has come up with such an idea. Illumination is the in-thing be it for beds or chairs of sofas. In his catalog, he has displayed the newly designed illuminated bed that displays various hues of color. This brings an altogether different look to your room and bring life to your décor. What’s more, the color of the bed can be changed to keep pace with preferences and this is done with a remote control. The additional feature of this bed is that you have the option of switching off the lighting from the headboard and footboard whenever you like. But have you imagined how you will feel when electricity is passing around you when asleep?

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