Interiors with Stained Glasses

Have you ever tried using stained glass for your interior decor? Just see what difference you make to the look of your entire room with stained glass, be it window or door or divider. Stained glass has been in use for decoration purpose from a very long time. Infact, stained glass is seen in the windows of churches, cathedrals, chapels, and other significant buildings which are many centuries old. The term “stained glass” refer to the material of coloured glass or the craft of working with it. In other words, you can apply color by using metallic elements or glass is painted and then fired to give that illuminating effect. Although originally made in flat panels and used as windows, the creations of modern stained glass also include 3D structures and sculpture. Displaying a combination of both artistic and engineering skills, stained glass decor is very popular.

Stained glass for decoration
Stained glass is mainly used for windows. With the help of sunlight, the stained glass window looks more beautiful. Similarly if the sunlight is too bright, using stained glass you, the light will not be too glaring and will get the same vision. Stained glass can be used even if you don’t have natural light. Some of the application areas of stained glassed for interior decor are as follows:

  • Stained glass windows
  • Stained glass Interior/exterior doors
  • Stained glass fireplace screens
  • Tiffany lamps, Floor lamps, Chandeliers, Wall sconces
  • Cabinet or furniture inserts
  • Stained glass domes for the residential/commercial markets
  • Room dividers & partitions
  • Stained glass wall hangings

Types of stained glass
The following are the various types of stained glass:
Full Antique Glass: This glass is transparent and very appealing. It is manufactured with the help of a very old method where the glass can be wrought out in various dimensions. This procedure mainly involves the middle part of a glass cylinder. The other portions are normally eliminated in the initial stage itself. The antique glasses come in irregular shapes
Cathedral and Opalescent glasses: Manufactured with the help of modern technology, cathedral glasses are usually single colored. On the other hand opalescent glasses are multicolored. These glasses can be wrought during the process of rolling to obtain a regular shape.
Sheet antique glasses: This glass is a combination of the modern and ancient style of glasses. The mouth portion of this glass resembles the ancient glass and the cylinder part does not look as thick as the antique glass. It occupies less circumference space than the antique glasses. The glass is a mix of both extremes.

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