Space Under The Stairs : Use it Effectively

There are many ways in which we can use the space under the staircase in productive ways. This space is usually neglected. But as we all know storage space is always precious. Even if it is a mall area we can use the space under stairs efficiently may be as storage or study room or kids pay area ets. Many options are available depending upon the space area. So why not start planning to make good use of the space under your staircase ? The following are some interior decor ideas to make use of the area under stairs productively.

Study under stairs or Home Office under Stairs: It’s a wonderful idea. If you need a study space, this is an ideal area. Or if you are the type to work from home, then what better way to make this space a home office. You can create a compact work place. Use a small desk for computer and cabinet can also be installed here for placing books.

Make a Storage under Stairs This is a wonderful place for storage. Install shelves, cabinets, drawers under stairs for storage.

Make a Living Space under Stairs: Place sofa cum bed or chair or just a bed under stairs. Ottomons can also be placed here. This area gives you the option of instant bedroom. You can use this place for relaxation and study.

Kids Space under Stairs: If you do not have a children room, then why not use this space as a place where kids can play and enjoy. Add some warm colors to make the space beautiful and fantastic. Or you can use the space just to store your kids games and toys.

Toilet under Stairs: Why not use the space to make a small toilet under stairs ? This is a good idea for effective space saving in small apartments.

Well there are many more ideas to use this space. You can consider it as a laundry area or place a decorative fireplace or may be an electronic equipment like an LCD or an aquarium.




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