Teenager Bedroom

Once your child becomes a teenager, it is alo time for you to change your old “kids’ furniture” in their room. Teenagers express their individuality and do not wish to be considered a little kid in any way, shape or form. At times you get to hear “I hate my room. Why can’t I get new furniture and paint my walls the way all my friends’ rooms look?” So, start by discussing what your teen wants. Set a budget and help them learn how to manage a project within financial constraints.

For any teenager, his/her bedroom can be considered to be one safe retreat. This is the place where a teen relaxes, spend time with his/her friends, a place where a teen finds his/her space. Therefore, tackling your teenager’s bedroom is no easy task. Teenage bedroom designs should therefore be planned with great amount of thought to your teenager’s varying moods and likes and dislikes.

The 3 basic pieces of furniture that you require is a bed, a study table, and a closet. If you want or if there is no budget constraint and if the room is big enough, you can provide in your teen’s room the additional geeks and gadgets like a music system, a computer and a TV.

With all of today’s product choices available in a variety of price ranges, redecorating a room can be a fun project you and your teen can share. Let your child know you support (within reason) his or her wish for self-expression through room decor and even an independent-minded child will turn to you for help and advice as well as funds. If you and your child come to some agreement about major items like a bed, a desk and window treatments, buy the best furnishings your budget allows. Then, fill in with fun, low-cost novelties like beanbag chairs, funky lamps, and dramatically colored bedding and curtains, wall decor etc. No matter what you are looking for make sure you keep your teen involved in the decision making and you will save yourself a lot of time and stress.

And if your teenage is artistic, he will definitely cover the walls and closets with his collection of posters and stickers.


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