Use Wallpapers: Adding extra punch in your room’s decor

Are you interested in adding a punch of style to your existing dull room? Are you tired of the bold colors in your room? Then opt for beautifully patterned wall coverings. Extensive range of graphic wallpaper are nowadays used to enhance the decor and appearance of the interiors of your homes, offices, and other buildings. If you don’t want to paint your walls, then wallpaper is the way to go.

Its true that wall papers are expensive then normal wall paints but they have certain special advantages. So if you are spending on your paint, then you can also invest a little more in wall paper.

Both wallpaper and paint liven up dull rooms but a wallpaper can also camouflage flawed or damaged walls. They can soften irregular or rough architectural features. Wall papers can unite awkward angles. There are different combination of colors, patterns, and textures that are available in wall papers, while such variations are not available in paint.

Wallpaper can be fixed on drywall, concrete, new and old plaster, masonry, paneling and even over slick, nonporous surfaces, like concrete block, tile, or synthetic laminate paneling. In many surfaces, there is the need to apply lining paper, which is a blank wall covering that provides a smooth surface for regular wallpaper. No matter what the surface, the basic requirement to fix a wallpaper properly is proper preparation of the walls. The materials used in making wall papers are vinyl, fabric, hand screened, paper, foiled and flocked wall paper.

Using wall papers instead of plain painted walls have today become one of the latest interior design trends. The revival in the use of wall paper is the ideal solution for adding colour and texture to a room.

Presenting some interesting designs

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