Furniture Arrangement Tips

Furniture arrangement is an art. You can change the look of your entire room if you know how exactly you can place your furniture in proper places. Here are some furniture arrangement tips for your home decoration project:
  • Have a focal point in the room and then arrange the furniture around it. The focal point could be anything like a fireplace, a bed, a view, a cabinet etc. Do not arrange the furniture facing away from the focal point.
  • Allow for natural pathways in a room. Do not place furniture near doorways, cabinet doors, walkways, windows, lighting sources and so on.
  • Use contrast to highlight the furniture. This will add interest to any space. Placing the furniture against a contrasting background will emphasize each piece of furniture separately.
  • Do not put furniture along the walls in a large room. Put them in groups in the center of the room so that it appears inviting to the guests. For smaller room you may place the furniture along the walls to emphasize the space.
  • Use symmetrical furniture arrangement in a formal room. For casual and kids rooms you can go for asymmetrical arrangement of furniture and accessories.
  • Do not cram the room with furniture.
  • Use furniture and accessories that reinforce the style and theme of a room. For example, do not place antique furniture in a chic styled room or trendy furniture in a lodge styled room.
  • Always pair the seating arrangement in a conversation area. Place side tables and lamps so that there is adequate lighting for reading and a place to keep books, drinks etc.
  • For larger rooms try to divide the room with furniture. Try dividing eating and sitting areas, in a living/dining room, with tall or low open shelves, folding screens, hanging bead curtains – or simply use the seating itself – eg. the long side of a sofa. – If the back of your sofa is not very attractive, use a bookshelf, sofa table or ottoman in front of it.
  • If you are decorating a small space, try transparent furniture – particularly if you like a modern style – tables and chairs in clear plastic or strengthened glass are practical and stylish! They help make the space feel larger, as it appears there is nothing there!
  • Also consider mirrored pieces of furniture. Mirrors reflect light around the room wonderfully – making your room feel light and spacious.


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