Some Common Mistakes in Interior Design

Making interior design decisions in your home is not an easy task. There are many mistakes that many people make that can easily be avoided with a little planning and thought. What are the mistakes that people usually make in their home?
Mistake No.1: Putting too much furniture or too large furniture into a room.
Do not put too much furniture in a room because it gives the room a clutter appearance and also makes it look small. While buying furniture, always keep the room’s size in mind and what is the need of that furniture piece. While placing furniture , be sure that you allow enough space to breathe. This can make a big difference in how a room feels or looks to both your family and your friends.


Mistake No. 2: Not putting enough lights or not having enough lighting.
For any room, lighting is an important component. A room which is bright, lighted can add ambience and a feeling of welcomeness. Room lighting can be provided with large windows, by adding, lamps, light fixtures or track lighting. This makes a room all the more attractive and inviting.

Mistake No. 3: The room’s design is not cohesive.
Always make sure your furnishings, be the upholstery fabrics or curtains or cushion covers complement each other so that the whole design of the room flow and come together.

Mistake No. 4: Hanging pictures high.
It is seen that many people hang their pictures or mirrors too high on the walls. But this is wrong. Instead they should be kept at level, so that they can become part of the design space. As a rule the height should be 5 to 5-1/2 feet from the floor. This can make your pictures or wall hangings a focal point on your walls.

Mistake No. 5: Not choosing the right color
This is a common mistake made by homeowners. They always go for a tan, cream or white color. The reason behind this is that they are afraid to choose a color. But this is wrong. The color of the room plays a vital role in transforming the look of the room. Choose a color that goes with your furnishings and decor of the room. Otherwise pick a curtain or a pillow cover or a wall hanging or any other accessory and choose a color from it. By choosing a color from such accessories, you are almost sure of having a wall color that you will like.

Interior design is not so stressful. By taking better design decisions, you can make your home into that relaxing and beautiful space that you require.


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